Decorating Tips

Yikes! Stripes!!!

Decorating with stripes gives you the opportunity to experience tremendous versatility in your room. They can make your room look bigger or wider, more serene or bold. But sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Watch out for wide stripes with dark or bright colors. They can be very overpowering to work with. Try using these stripes in small quantities, perhaps in wall covering beneath a chair rail.

Also keep in mind that the larger the room, the wider the stripe can be. A narrow vertical stripe works well in smaller rooms, particularly those with low ceilings, as they will help make the room appear larger.

Do you have a 2-story wall in your home? Adding a vertical striped wall covering or paint treatment to this very large wall will draw unnecessary attention. The wall is already very long, and a striped wall covering will make it seem even longer. Rather, you might opt for a bold, dramatic color, or a textured paint finish on this wall to highlight this wonderful architectural feature in a more understated manner.