Decorating Tips

Wonderful wall covering!

Decorating with wallpapers is truly fun! Today's patterns have become so attractive and exciting in recent years that it's tempting to go all out. I suggest you admire and consider them, by all means, but take care not to overdo it-remember, it's the whole room on which you must concentrate.

Even with today's rage for sponge and rag painted walls, wallpapers can outlast paint, especially those treated to resist soil and moisture. The better the quality, the longer a paper will keep its look. Since it's the labor cost to hang the paper that makes the job expensive, it's no real savings to economize on the paper itself. Since splurging costs so little more, bypass run of the mill designs and look for the wallpaper that will make the greatest impact on your room. A really stunning paper is even more striking on one wall. Considered that way, the most expensive paper doesn't seem extravagant.

Another great advantage of choosing the best-it can establish the color scheme for the entire room and introduce the element of design into it-design you know is exceptional. Wallpaper color and pattern, like paint, can create certain illusions. A large sweeping design can make a room look smaller. And conversely a small room can be given unity with a tiny-patterned paper and matching fabric.

Vertical stripes will make a room seem higher; if you want to "lower" the ceiling, try placing a border around the room, right below the ceiling. And remember if you select a boldly patterned paper, you'll want to keep your floor covering and fabrics selections fairly subdued in design.