Decorating Tips

Scheming with color

When speaking of color, it is necessary to define it in terms of three separate components. The term “hue” refers to the color itself. “Value” describes the relative lightness or darkness of a hue, which is varied by adding white or black. “Intensity” is a matter of brightness, which can be lessened by adding gray to the hue.

Popular monochromatic schemes are achieved by selecting one hue, than decorating using it’s various values and intensities. The idea of such one-color schemes was first introduced in the Red, Yellow, and Blue Rooms at Britain’s Chiswick House in the 1700’s. It’s enduring value as a decorating technique is evidenced by the fact that many contemporary interiors feature monochromatic schemes today. A monotone scheme, not to be confused with a monochromatic scheme, features an absence of color, such as an all-white room.