Decorating Tips

Reupholster your dining room chairs!

It's really a lot simpler than you might think: that is, if you follow these few easy steps:

  • Step One: Measure for fabric. Measure the widest part of the chair (front) and add 5" to this measurement (allows for 2-l/2" on each side for padding thickness and turn under.
  • Step Two: Remove the chair seat. Turn chair upside-down and number the seat and frame with chalk so you can put each seat back in the proper frame.
  • Step Three: Remove old upholstery. Lift the tacks that are holding it with a wood chisel. Be careful not to tear the material, as you'll need it as your pattern.
  • Step Four: Replace padding. If it's worn, use a 1" thick foam rubber. After removing old padding, hold seat frame on the foam rubber, outline with pencil, and cut. Round off the top edge slightly with scissors to the fabric will fit smoothly. Dab white glue on top of seat frame at corners and in center. Press foam rubber onto it.
  • Step Five: Cut Fabric. Place original upholstery face down on wrong side of your new fabric. Smooth. Pin and cut around old piece or outline it with chalk. Center seat frame, padding side down over wrong side of newly cut fabric.
  • Step Six: Tack seat to frame. Turn fabric back over front edge of frame and tack in center. Gently pull material to opposite side until it's snug. Tack about every 2", leaving 1" to 2" free at corners. Turn right side up to be sure fabric is straight. Continue tacking.
  • Step Seven: Corners. Fold extra fabric so corners are mitered. Get the corners smooth and tight or they'll pucker later.
  • Step Eight: Replace seat. Use the original screws. Then enjoy!