Decorating Tips

Quick makeovers!

SPLURGE ON COLOR: Try painting one wall an awesome accent color, and you'll be guaranteed to have livened up your entire room.

PILLOW MAGIC: Take one yard and a half of 54" fabric. Fold the edges inward, and "diaper" an old tired pillow with your magical new fabric. In the wink of an eye you'll have a whole new accent pillow to place on your sofa.

TIRED TABLETOP? Select some ceramic floor or wall tile, and use them to cover a damaged table top.

ILLUMINATING LAMPS: Fill a clear glass jar with shells, colored marbles, brightly colored stones or even beach glass, and wire it for a brand new lamp!

MIRROR MAGIC: Cover an old mirror frame with coordinating fabrics or wallpaper to match your new decor.

TASSELS TASSELS EVERYWHERE: Hang fringed tassels everywhere---bedposts, amp shades, fan pulls, picture frames. Tassels not only add some color excitement to your decor, but wonderful texture too!

ACCESSORIZE THAT KITCHEN: Empty soffits - no more! Add silk greenery, decorative plates, soup tureens, pitchers, pieces of artwork, even candles to that ugly bare space above your kitchen cabinets. And the great thing about accessorizing this area of your kitchen is that you can change your look seasonally.