Decorating Tips

No more ruffles, no more frills!

That's the spirit of today's nurseries! Babies aren't infant very long, and as soon as they become active toddlers, furnishings need to be chosen with their pace and punishment in mind. That isn't to say that a nursery shouldn't be pretty: just that it must be practical and sturdy as well.

Psychologists say children like and thrive around primary colors, so stay away from proverbial pink and blue no matter how much you like them. Sunshiny yellow, fire-engine red, and brightest blue are all beauties for babies. As always in decorating, start with the largest areas first: the walls and floors. If you're painting the walls, be sure to use washable paints. Wallcoverings, too, come in myriad delightful designs and colors. Try hanging a blackboard at child-reachable height, so as to avoid scribbles on fresh new walls. Borders are also great for childrens' rooms, as are hand painted designs such as clouds and stars.

Since afternoon naps and a good night's sleep are a definite must, window coverings require serious consideration . Dark shades or fabric treatments with room darkening lining will definitely aid in nap times. Delightful curtains can be made of nursery-designed sheets. And duvets are great for bedspreads in a nursery because the covers can be easily cleaned and replaced. One special reminder: whatever fabrics you select, be sure they're washable!