Decorating Tips

More than just a pretty face

A lambrequin is a wood frame that is attached around a window. It covers the old frame that and gives new life to a drab window. It can be made of finished and stained wood, fabric or any decorative material at all. If form is used underneath the fabric, a professional finish will be achieved.

Not to be overlooked is the lambrequin’s excellent insulating qualities. Since, along with the attached draperies, it completely encloses and encapsulates a window, drafts are all but eliminated. Be sure to ask your professional designer to add insulation to the lambrequin’s interior sides and top. Your guests will marvel at the lambrequin’s looks, while only you will realize its energy savings.

Adding a high quality standard vinyl shade to your windows will help insulate your home against the winter cold. Unlike a cornice, a lambrequin runs down the sides of a window.