Decorating Tips

Let there be light!

Successfully lighting your home calls for the correct balance of general light, task lighting and decorative lighting. By nature, lighting serves two purposes in your home: functional and decorative. When planning for the functional needs of your room, consider the activities that typically take place in your room.

There are three basic types of color in light: warm, white and cool. Warm light tends to soften or outline your room. If your walls are painted in a warm color, then warm light would flatter your room's overall color tone. Incandescent bulbs tend to help you obtain a warmer color tone in your room.

White light shows colors at their very truest. Most white light bulbs actually tend to cast your room in a slightly warm light as well. Halogen bulbs give you the brightest of white light.

Cool light can add a sense of open space and dignity to your plan. Fluorescent bulbs will give you the cool look you desire. When properly used, it makes the walls and furnishings of your room appear more distant, and enhances objects more distinctly.