Decorating Tips

Half baths have it!

Most of us spend very little time in the powder room. So when decorating, be bold, daring and dramatic. If you've always been afraid to use dark, rich colors, this may be just the place for them! Or perhaps you like the idea of a large scale floral print wall covering, but could never find the right place. Well, here's your chance.

Accessories are as important in the powder room as any other room in your home. Try hanging a large picture on the wall, placing antique hooks for finger towels or grouping several small brass "dustables" on the corner of the sink. And of course, candles are always a great addition.

Since powder rooms are generally smaller, lighting becomes particularly important. Remember when selecting your lighting, ambience is as essential as function. Consider adding a mirrored wall. Not only will the room appear larger, but it wall also reflect light, illuminating every corner of the room.