Decorating Tips

Food for thought on flooring

Floors are the second largest color area in a room, the first of course being walls. They are also the most permanent feature, replaced less easily and less often than wall or furniture coverings. Purchase and installation costs are substantial so it's important to select floors with an eye to the future.

For many, many reasons, it's the best move to invest in the best quality possible on your budget. That doesn't necessarily mean buying the most expensive flooring. In estimating what you are willing to invest, consider the life span of your floor covering. This will help give you a truer picture of cost, and what is truly the most economical.

Modern technology has made flooring more attractive, varied and practical. Such natural materials as wood, marble, stone, slate, clay tile, and wool are still high in initial cost, but may not be in the long run because of their durability. Man-made flooring materials such as vinyl, and carpets of synthetic fibers come in price ranges able to fit any reasonable budget.

Rest assured that your final flooring selection will delight your eye as long as it stays in your home. And since that promises to be quite a long time, be sure to make your choice with care.