Decorating Tips

Comfortable kitchens

The kitchen has long been the center of the home, a place where we can go to get warm, inside and out! Many of us have wonderful memories of watching mother baking, or preparing a family meal. Perhaps for this reason, when entertaining, many guests seem to migrate to the kitchen.

Above all else, make sure your kitchen-decorating scheme reflects your personality. Are you a gourmet cook? Then consider incorporating those unique utensils and gadgets into your decor --- espresso tools, spice graters, whisks, copper molds, etc. --- all make great kitchen accessories. Other items may be hung on the walls for twofold purposes - decorating the kitchen, and making the items more accessible. Be sure to cover your walls with solid vinyl wall covering for easy cleaning. Today's vinyls are available in a wide range of colors and styles to fit any decorating scheme.

Then once you've created your new kitchen, sit back, relax and enjoy your guests in the warmth of the heart of your home - the kitchen.