Decorating Tips

Altogether different

Eclectic is a fairly recent addition to our decorating vocabulary. Its dictionary definition comes right to the point: ‘Made up of what seems best of varied sources.’ The key word is “best”.

One sure way to avoid a hodgepodge is to apply a basic criterion to every piece you consider buying: Is it well designed and in good taste? Although you are free to roam the design gamut, each element chosen must pass muster on its own merits. In a room filled with elements unlike each other, color acts as a unifying force. It can smoothly blend assorted pieces into a pleasing whole. Repetition is your best ally in coloring an eclectic decorating scheme.

Add a distinctive touch to your window dressing by painting the molding with a color which complements your drapes. A favorite eclectic technique is to choose a smart contemporary upholstery print to freshen up older, period furniture.