Decorating Tips

Accessorizing: are you ready for the challenge?

Too often adding the finishing touches to your decor becomes the biggest challenge. As the final step in most every decorating project, accessorizing will add life and interest to your room. Your true decorating personality can come alive if you plan wisely. Too often, this area of home decorating is totally overlooked and under-budgeted. Combining beautiful, quality, and costly furnishings with bargain basement accessories is like serving a fast food meal on your finest heirloom china!

Accessories come in two main groupings: functional and decorative! Yes accessories can be functional! Items like lamps, lighting fixtures, telephones, clocks, fireplace screens, mirror, pillows and books all fall into this functional category. Decorative accessories, on the other hand, are items chosen not for their usefulness, but only for their appearance. Paintings, plants, sculptures, family pictures, ceramics items, pottery, and most antiques are examples of decorative accessories.

Where to begin? Try selecting one simple decorative accessory as your key piece. Perhaps a beautiful painting, area rug, or tapestry will set your accessory stage. By determining the mood and style you wish to create, this one piece of art, can act as a "road map" for your accessory plan.